This rider is attached to and made part of the agreement between Arsenal/Peace of Mind the Boston Experience (herein referred to as “Artist”) and _____________________________ (herein referred to as “Venue” or “Buyer”) for the performance on ______________________ 20__. Your cooperation in meeting the guidelines found within this agreement is appreciated to insure the Venue, Artist and Audience the best possible experience. If there is a discrepancy, the terms of the contract supersede the terms of the rider.

This rider represents the general needs of the artist and is not intended to cause burden or hardship. The general conditions of the rider need to be understood even if certain specifics are not provided for in the contract.

1. Artist obligation is subject to detention or prevention by act of God, sickness, accident, means of transportation, natural catastrophes, or any other cause beyond Artist’s control. Artist shall be paid in full for any date in which they arrive, regardless of ticket sales, weather conditions, tax liens, riots or other acts of God.

2. Artist has right to cancel any date up to 90 days prior to engagement if they are booked on a convention, casino or national tour date.

3. Artist to have 8 complimentary tickets to be released day of show if not used.

4. Artist’s name must appear with the appropriate billing in all printed advertising and must be mentioned in all radio spots. Purchaser shall not have the right to photograph, reproduce, broadcast the performance or any part thereof.

5. GUEST LIST / PRESS PASSES: A minimum of 10 complimentary tickets may be requested by Artist, unless stipulated otherwise by the terms of the contract. We ask that you honor this so that we may best promote our date with you. Management also reserves the right to request 5 additional complimentary tickets for Media or VIP guests.

6. BOX OFFICE: Tour manager shall have reasonable access to the box office or ticketing area and shall be provided with verifiable ticket sales or attendance counts upon request.

7. MERCH: Artist will be provided a lighted space and a table to display and sell merchandise. Unless stipulated otherwise in the Contract, Artist will sell all merchandise and retain all proceeds.

8. PARKING: Well-lit, FREE parking for one (1) vehicle and attached trailer (approx. 25′ and 7.5′ tall) must be provided in close proximity to venue and must be available for the duration of the time from load-in to load-out. In the event that free parking is not available, Buyer agrees to reimburse Artist in cash for any parking costs incurred during performance.

9. INSURANCE: Buyer or Venue must carry public liability and property damage insurance with sufficiently high limits to adequately insure against bodily injury, death, or loss of or damage to property in connection with a part of the performance.

10. MEALS: Unless stipulated otherwise in Contract, Buyer will provide a hot, well balanced meal (with beverage) for seven (7), to be scheduled in advance with the Artist’s Tour Manager. A meal buyout of $15 per person ($105.00 total) is acceptable. Meal buy-out must be presented in cash to Artist tour manager at load-in.

11. DRESSING ROOM: A well lit, clean, private, lockable dressing room and restroom (with shower if available) must be provided for the duration of the event. Full length mirror. 10 laundered towels.

12. INTERNET: Artist must have free access to venue internet connection if available.

13. BACKSTAGE REQUIREMENTS: The following (prioritized) items should be placed in dressing room prior to sound check: One case of bottled water, soft drinks, one sandwich tray, chips, pretzels.

14. LODGING: Unless stipulated otherwise in the Contract, Buyer will provide five double occupancy non-smoking rooms at nearby established hotel chain, i.e. Hampton Inn, Days Inn, Best Western, etc. for the evening of performance, and will provide Artist with a confirmation number when show is advanced. Please guarantee rooms will be available for late arrival and late check out.

15. Merchandise-Artist has sole exclusive right to sell merchandise and to retain 100% of the receipts unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Artist or Artist’s manager. Venue to provide an 8′ or 10′ skirted table, two chairs.

All terms of this rider are accepted by the purchaser unless they are waived by Artist management and initialed.

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